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Concrete is a very widely used material in landscaping projects. While it is extremely hardy and versatile, in its basic form, it is not aesthetically appealing. However, it is possible to create unique finishes on concrete surfaces using a variety of texturing techniques.

Allsouth Concrete is a force to reckon with in the concreting industry. We offer the highest-grade concrete textures at the most cost-effective pricing. Our company serves customers throughout western Carolina and all the surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality, focus on customization and customer services are just some of the things that have made our company one of the most reputable and sought-after companies in this space.

Custom Concrete Texturing Services

We have extensive experience in this industry and our experts know different types of texturing techniques. One of the primary reasons that concrete surfaces should be textured is that it helps create an anti-slip surface that provides good traction. Texturing is also a great way to create unique and attractive concrete surfaces and outdoor areas. We offer a variety of textured concrete finishes including:

  • Stamped - This imprinted concrete technique is suitable for outdoor and indoor areas. Using this technique, we can design flooring that will emulate the look of expensive materials such as tile, brick and flagstone et cetera. This method is useful especially for larger areas.

  • Stenciled - The stenciled concrete technique is very similar to stamping; however it can be completed at a much faster pace. Like stamping, it is suitable for larger outdoor spaces.

  • Broom Finish - This is a quick and cost-effective concrete texturing method and is ideal for areas such as decks, walkways, and pathways. It makes the surface slip-resistant and safe.

  • Float & Trowel Finish - The tools used in these methods will decide what the final textures look like and these can range from coarse to smooth, depending on what designs and patterns you want.

  • Rock Salt Finish - This traditional method of lending a slightly textured appearance and skid-resistant finish to colored or plain concrete is quite popular. In this method, we use salt crystals to create a rough speckled pattern on the floor surfaces. The areas get a slightly weathered rock-like look.

We are committed to providing our clients value for money regardless of how big or small the job. We have the experience, manpower, as well as knowledge to create outstanding textured concrete surfaces in the outer areas of your home. We have various modern equipment and tools that allowus to perform very efficiently, and what you get are superbly furnished outdoor spaces that add value to your property. If you are looking for the perfect balance of top grade concreting solutions and cost-effective solutions, we are the right company for you.

Our team of experts is here to work with you on your next concrete texturing project. Feel free to contact us via this Contact Us form or pick up the phone and call the experts at Allsouth Concrete on this number - 828-507-0931. We are as excited as you are to get started on your project.

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