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Poured In Place, Engineered Concrete Block & Modular Block Walls Franklin, NC

Landscapes have a number of different features, and walls are a vital aspect of most outdoor spaces. Walls may need to be constructed to provide support to the landscape, demarcate a property, divide areas within a yard, or even for aesthetic purposes. Regardless of why you need walls installed, it becomes necessary to use high-grade materials as well as superior workmanship in garden wall construction.

These structures have to endure the elements on a daily basis and need to be built to last and this is where our expertise comes in. Allsouth Concrete is a force to reckon with in the concreting industry.

Types of Outdoor Walls

We offer the highest-grade modular block walls and poured in place concrete services at the most cost-effective pricing. Our company serves customers throughout western Carolina and all the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of landscape wall construction solutions such as:

1. Poured In Place

These walls are made of concrete and aggregate mix and as the name suggests are poured in place on the site. Our team will first dig out a foundation and set a solid base for the wall. Formwork will be constructed based on the design approved by you and we will also set the reinforcement before pouring the concrete mixture into the forms.

Once the concrete has set well, we will remove the formwork and complete the wall finishing as per your styling requirements. Since concrete has a plain look, we can install brick or natural stone veneer to give it an appealing look. Poured in place walls can be constructed in any area of your landscape, and built in any size and shape.

2. Engineered Concrete Block

If you need walls to provide support to certain areas of your landscape or to prevent soil erosion, concrete block walls are a perfect choice. These blocks are also referred to as concrete masonry units and are widely used to construct retaining walls. We provide detailed information about different retaining wall systems and various finishes and textures. Engineered concrete block walls fit in perfectly with the different types of landscape themes.

3. Modular Block Walls

Modular block walls are easy to install and cost-effective too. The hollow blocks are available in different dimensions and need to be stacked as per plan. They can be used to build yard walls of any length and height and are extremely resilient and long-lasting. The units have an interlocking design which helps create strong and stable structures.

You can rest assured that the landscape walls we construct for you will be strong, easy to maintain and aesthetically appealing. If you are looking for the perfect balance of top grade hardscaping solutions and competitive modular block wall cost, we are the company to contact.

Our team of experts is here to work with you on your next project. Feel free to contact us via this Contact Us form or pick up the phone and call the experts at Allsouth Concrete on this number - 828-507-0931. We are as excited as you are to get started on your project.

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