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Concrete Pool Decks Franklin, NC

If you like basking in the sun or enjoy spending leisurely moments gazing up at a star-studded night sky, a concrete pool deck could provide you with just that opportunity. A pool deck is a basic feature in a yard that has a swimming pool in it.

This area doubles as a dining area as well as a BBQ place. A well-designed and well-planned concrete pool deck adds to the usability and beauty of your outdoor living area. It is the perfect space to relax in the company of friends and family and enjoy the ambience of these open spaces on your property.

Allsouth Concrete is a force to reckon with in the concreting industry. We offer the highest-grade residential swimming pool decks at the most cost-effective pricing. Our company serves customers throughout western Carolina and all the surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality, focus on customization and customer service are just some of the things that have made our company one of the most reputable and sought-after companies in this space.

Custom Concrete Pool Deck Design

Modern-day landscaping requires that pool decks be constructed with safety, durability and aesthetics in mind. And we are a company that is extremely passionate about providing the latest and best solutions to our clients. We understand that homeowners are very well informed about the latest design trends and like to be involved in every stage of the project including the design and planning.

This is why we provide customized services and make sure that every little aspect of your new concrete pool deck is as per your specific requirements. Not only do we design and construct swimming pool decks, but also make sure that the rest of the areas adjacent to it are designed and planned perfectly.

Residential Pool Deck Design

We have decades of experience in this industry and make sure that every aspect of your swimming pool deck construction is completed to industry standards. Depending on the design aesthetic of your overall landscaping, as well as your specific requirements, we can provide a variety of concrete textures and finishes including:

  • Staining
  • Coloring
  • Stamping
  • Broom finishes
  • Smooth finishes
  • Texturing
  • Other

Design Ideas For Pool Decks

Since many homeowners prefer above-ground swimming pools, these features do have concrete elevations. Sometimes, the design might involve multiple levels too. Regardless of the type of pool deck you need, we provide solutions that will be a value-add to your property and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool and the surrounding features. Decorative concrete is an excellent option for swimming pool surrounds for several reasons such as:

  • Flexibility in design and styling
  • Range of textures and finishes to choose from
  • Extremely study and long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Textured concrete provides good traction in the swimming pool area
  • Cost-effective solution

Our team of experts is here to work with you on your next project. Feel free to contact us via this Contact Us form or simply pick up the phone and call the experts at Allsouth Concrete on this number - 828-507-0931. We are as excited as you are to get started on your project.

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