New Concrete

New Concrete

Concrete is the most commonly used construction material today. Its durability, ease of installation, as well as the decorative possibilities that it offers, make it also a hit among general contractors and property owners. And here at AllSouth Concrete Coatings, we specialize in creating new concrete structures for various indoor and outdoor applications. We can also work on small and complex concreting projects for residential or commercial properties. If you wish to get the best possible professional services and get your money’s worth, hire a reliable contractor like us.

New Concrete Works that We Handle

With decades’ worth of experience behind our name, we have been regarded as a reliable contractor specializing in decorative concrete. Accordingly, we have handled numerous projects of such nature, all of which have made our clients’ properties stand out effortlessly in both form and functionality. For those who are planning to build new concrete surfaces or features in their properties, allow us to build them for you. Here are some areas where we can work on:

  • Garage floors. Garage floors need not be dull and bland. When you hire us, we will ensure that the new concrete flooring will look awesome with either stamping or staining technique while still having a slip-resistant texture for your car’s safety.

  • New Concrete Patios. Patios are excellent rest and relaxation spots. It is thus right to make them as inviting as possible. We recommend or pick a theme that is meditative (Zen inspired), invigorating (modern), or rustic (Old World), depending on your preference.

  • Sidewalks. Sidewalks should prevent any incidence of slip and fall. We ensure this by making them slip resistant through techniques like broom finish or concrete stamping.

  • Driveways. Driveways should both look great and promote vehicle safety and efficient traffic. Our designs guarantee great looking, functional, and safe driveways that you and your guests will surely benefit from tremendously.

  • Walkways. Just like sidewalks, it’s also important to make walkways accident free. Accordingly, our walkway surfaces are guaranteed slip proof. They are also attractive to entice our clients to enjoy leisurely walks that are both relaxing and good for the health.

  • New Concrete Basements. Basements should never be neglected as they can serve as perfect areas where you can just relax and have fun. Accordingly, we can make them look very elegant with staining technique (to resemble granite or marble) or rather toned down with stamping method (to make them look like brick or clay).

  • Footings. One of our areas of expertise is in creating sturdy footings for building foundations, as well as other outdoor features, like view decks or outdoor kitchens. We make sure that the new concrete footings that we do are guaranteed built to industry specifications for your safety and peace of mind.

  • Pool decks. These areas serve as extensions of pools and can also be excellent spots where you could bask in the morning sun or even hold pool parties. We can make pool decks stand out both aesthetically and functions-wise.

Aside from all these areas, we can also work on other new concreting projects for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We have complete masonry tools – from simple to heavy equipment for large projects – so our workflow is highly efficient. With seasoned personnel in our team, our North Carolina clients are assured of new concrete structures and amenities that will last for years.

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